C.K. aka Edgar Montez stormed into the psychedelic trance scene just over a

year ago - but since his entry - it’s fair to say he’s made quite an impact!

As well as scooping a residency for Tribalism Radio & Cohesion Psy-party; C.K.

already has a very respectable gigging history that any psy-trance veteran

would be proud of. Gracing the decks at a plethora of parties and venues,

C.K.’s gig list includes: Transylvaliens festival, Illuminaughty, Ozora – One Day

in London, Tribal Village, Cohesion & Psymera. He’s now attacking the festival

scene with bookings already secured at the legendary Boomtown, England

and will also be performing at the awesome Psy-Boutique Festival in Turkey,

Dharma Festival in Poland later this year!

However; Edgar, never one to sit still for too long is not stopping there - and

has already dipped his toe in the world of production – successfully releasing

his first ever track - the epic - ‘Game Over’ on the newly launched Psymera

Records recently. With his undeniable natural production abilities being

spotted so early on, it’s no surprise that C.K. has already been snapped up by

two well-respected labels - Alchemy Records & Enterrec Records. ‘Game Over’

was a highly impressive first release. C.K. is now in the studio; meticulously

crafting his sound and developing his production skills even further, and the

labels are awaiting his next studio concoction with baited breath!

Born and raised in Portugal, for Edgar – music has been running through his

veins since he was a teenager. He was immediately led to the electronic music

scene, and it wasn’t long until he heard the call of Psychedelic Trance and has

had his feet firmly fixed here ever since. After moving to London 17 years ago

and rocking out on the dancefloor at Psychedelic, squat parties, clubs and

festivals alike – C.K. decided to take his energy behind the decks, and the

results were astounding! It wasn’t long before he was playing the stage along

side his favourite artists such as: Morten Granau, Vini Vici, Vertical Mode,

Infected Mushroom, E-clip & Astrix!

When C.K. steps behind the decks – the crowd instinctively know they are in

for a treat. C.K. has a natural intuition when reading the crowd and his

relentless energy fused with a deep connection to the people, raises the roof

and takes the party to a whole other level – which is somewhere, very special!

2018 looks set to be an awesome year for C.K. for this star is rising fast!